The Golden Gander

by Superlative

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released February 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Superlative Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: To and With Most Dogs
The Cities no place for a mongrel
The Streets are littered with glass
take cautious steps
it's better safe than sorry

Your skin was soft
And I bet it still is
Where was my mind?

Just Throw The Dog a bone!
he's been at the door for way too long
you wet my lips and i close my eyes
why won't you come?
when I call you!
Track Name: HYFR
And when I'm alone I imagine you naked
But in my free time my room is vacant
I'm prone to accidents if i got you here i'd slip
And i've got my claws out to try and keep a grip

and I can't sleep at night
Track Name: Constant Cautious Consciene
Don't bother I'll foot the bill
I've never seen this color red
you add salt to melt the ice
Theirs a flood
and we're uphill

You said that was all
but you took another to set me off
I'll slam every door on my way out
just to send the message
you have to be patient
and wait your turn because no one's first
Track Name: Johnny Cashed
I've got a quarter
you've got bad luck
you've gotten shorter
I'm tall as fuck

I was a legend in my own time
but it hasn't happened yet
I was waiting on the weekend
But I got to drunk and slept right through it
ate breakfast, stayed the night
but still failed
and I got it right
You just had me looking up a hill
too steep to climb

Even with a pick axe
and a length of rope
Track Name: All signs lead to Maybe but Probably Not
I wasn't tall enough
the top of my head
couldn't measure up

What a set back
But I don't feel so bad
you checked me this time
but i'll be back for more
Track Name: Too much Fro Yo and Too Many 7/11's
There's another one across the street
both on my way
there not a block apart
but who wants to walk

Get up. close your mouth. make your own food
A little exercise could do you good
before your in the ground like the roots of trees

I'll take my chances walking
they could go and burn it down
plant your tree in it's place

I like it better when the suns out
not a cloud up in the sky
i could hear your voice screaming
a slave to sweat on summers day